Our aim is to make your visit as happy, comfortable and relaxing as possible at our chambres d’hotes Beau Séjour. When we made the decision to open our house to guests we knew exactly what we wanted to achieve; to provide somewhere for our guests to feel welcome, to feel 'at home', somewhere to unwind and then to really relax, somewhere to eat well, all at a reasonable price.  We had searched for this and we had found this ambiance twice in England and once in France. We searched for the right house for three years before we walked through the gates. The look between us said it all, this is  it, and the decision was made, even before entering the house. The house dates from the beginning of 18th century and was originally a farm house, naturally making wine. It is a typical 'Girondine' house constructed from the local golden stone.  The house has been restored, with great care, by local stone masons, who continue to renovate the stone houses with respect to the traditions of the region and the skills which have been handed down over the generations. We are situated in a quiet wine growing village where you can walk peacefully around the lanes or make a visit to our wine growing neighbours. If you prefer you can rest in tranquillity in the house in the large salon or sit in the park which is shady and surrounded by an old stone wall. In addition there are terraces around the house where you can while away the time. We named our home, 'Beau Séjour' which translated means 'Beautiful Stay' and we hope that is what you will have when you visit us. If you read the opinions of our guests they will explain, in their own words,  what they like about Beau Séjour and why so many return to make further visits.
Version 06/06/19
Our home is called Beau Séjour which means beautiful stay, which is what we hope you will have with us.  There are comfortable areas in the salon to sit and relax, or on the terrace or in the garden.  Clearly guests want to get out and about so here are a few of the things that are available close to us.
Saint Emilion, above, is less than 15 minutes away, is a city with a history going back over one thousand years.  One can meander though ancient streets and stop for a glass or two of the local wine, visit an underground church, about one thousand years old, or have a formal wine tasting.  Restaurants abound to cater for all budgets.  Just walk or cycle outside the city walls and even in high season you will have most of the countryside to yourself.
Bordeaux, above, is just 45 minutes away.  It is a city full of wonderful buildings with an amazing history.  The central part of Bordeaux is quite beautiful and is a city that one can walk or cycle around, using the city's bikes, or one can hop on or off modern trams or even a water bus. The skyline, of central Bordeaux, is mainly 18th century but there are buildings and churches going back to the middle ages. A safe city where one can meander, visit historical sites or carry out some serious shopping or people watching.
Normally protective headgear is worn when cycling but the guy above was just having a lunch!  However cycling here is safe and especially so on the cycle track which is just two kilometres away.  One can cycle northwards past Bordeaux to the coast and a fair way south of us.  The local roads are pretty safe as well as motorists are very aware of cyclists. There are ups and downs to add to the fun but electric bilkes can be hired! The photo above was actually taken at a medieval lunch taken in the open in the town square of a ‘Bastide’ town, a town created by the English at the start of the fourteenth century, so all quite apposite.
Above is a photo of one of the many wonderful chateaux in the Medoc.  The chateaux there are typically much grander than the chateaux of Saint Emilion and those around us.  To drive along the ‘route de vins’ is to enter into a different world of ‘little’ palaces seemingly competing with one another in grandeur.  The wine is quite different to the wine of Saint Emilion, both in taste and price.
West of Bordeaux, on the coast, there is the Dune de Pilat, apparently the largest sand dune in Europe.  People do climb it and come back to tell the tale! Arcachon is the most famous coastal town in the area.  It is loved by the French and many foreign visitors.  It dates from the middle of the 19th century when the railway arrived and was built as a holiday resort.  Much of the architecture dates from this time and is of a style that is true to its time. We prefer to stop and eat oysters in Gujan Mestras, an authentic fishing village, a little closer to Bordeaux, see right.  Much quieter and no climbing is required!  
Version 06/06/19
             Bed and Breakfast situated close to            Saint Emilion Vineyards and Bordeaux  The only B&B near to Saint Emilion and Bordeaux     with over 550 excellent reviews on Tripadvisor
Beau Séjour: Bed and Breakfast / Guest House
Bed and Breakfast situated close to Saint Emilion and Bordeaux
The only B&B close to Saint Emilion and Bordeaux with             over 550 excellent reviews on Tripadvisor
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